Monday, December 16, 2013

#Twitter Perfect #Content #Messaging from

In the NYC subway today appears an ad for with the statement boldly stating: The Magic Does Not Just Happen

Then below: "It Takes Thousands of People. Go behind the curtain...."

I was attracted this messaging because it gives you just enough peak "behind the curtain" (on to see that there is a huge world at work to present what you are enjoying out front. It also gives credit to many whose work it is that you're able to witness. It relates the behind the scenes "story," which makes you the audience feel all the more special for knowing there are thousands of people at work to entertain you. 

It does all of this with a total character count of 93-- Twitter perfect messaging.

To those of us in the marketing world just getting savvy with the art of storytelling in 140 characters or less, this movement toward brevity is a new challenge. But to the folks in the print advertising world, this is their specialty, and we can learn quite a lot from studying their work. 

Let's face it, in the content marketing game, what we are competing for most is audience attention span. Telling a story in under 141 characters is not just a useful skill, it's absolutely paramount.

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