Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Never Too Soon to Make Your First Music Video #TellYourStory

Never Too Soon To Make Your First #MusicVideo. #TellYourStory on #YouTube

So here is a fact supported by science you need to get: the human brain processes graphical information literally 60,000 times faster than the written word. The source of this information goes back to a study done by the 3M Corporation.

You will hear people say online and in social media that "content is king." If that's true, the "king of kings" is video, and now you know why. It's fast, it's easy, and you can communicate a mountain of information in seconds. Let's face it, in this fast moving "ADD world"  we are not competing for Likes, Downloads, and Comments--we are competing for attention span!

If you're just starting out, you may think you need a press kit long before you make your first video because someone told you that is how it's done.  In the old days, a press kit meant your "demo," a 8x10 glossy B&W photo, and a Bio with your contact information. Then came the #EPK, the electronic press kit."

Well, the days of a "tree killing bio" are obviously over guys. No one reads them anymore. And as far as spending a lot of money on an EPK, here's the thing, when you're starting out, you're NOT ready for press.

But this doesn't mean you're not ready to show people what you're about, give them a tour behind the scenes of your music, and your life. Just don't tell them, show them. It's never too soon to make your first music video.

For your first video, forget scripted stories, concepts, and plot lines. Forget shiny cars, dancers, and models. Forget the camera effects, MTV style editing, or thinking that you need a film studio budget and professional actors.

All you need to do is film yourself being yourself doing what you do. What makes you interesting? What makes you different? What drives you to do this? Where does your passion come from?  #TellYourStory  It's as easy as that.

Worried you're not interesting enough? That's something you can work on. But always be yourself no matter what, because people smell fake a mile away today. #BeYourself  and  #DontBeAPoser

Now you say, "but we're just really starting out;" "We haven't even done our first show;" "We're still just writing our first original;"  "Our band would be great but our drummer quit and Billy's Mom wont let us use their basement anymore!"

It's ok. #ShowItAll  Let people in on your story. Your honesty will win you fans.

Just keep doing what you do, whatever it is. Keep shooting. Keep posting. Keep playing. You will improve all on your own, and eventually it will all come together.

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